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Salt and salt products

Salt and salt products

We have been operating in salt and salt products since 1999. We offer a complete range of salt with use in the food, agriculture, industry and other industries. Thanks to our long-term and reliable business relationships, we can offer you stable deliveries of our products at very reasonable prices. We will deliver the goods directly to your company. We use both our own transport and contract carriers. We make truck and also partial, less bulky deliveries. We operate across the whole territory of the Czech Republic. If you are interested, you can take advantage of personal collection of the goods in the warehouses in Tlumačov and Valašské Klobouky.

Iodized salt 25 kg
Iodized salt 50 kg
Iodized salt big-bag
Non-iodized salt 25 kg
Non-iodized salt 50 kg
Sea salt coarse non-iod. 25 kg
Sea salt fine non-iod. 25 kg
Bavarian salt
Rock salt 2.3-0.8 mm
Nitrite salt iod. 0.6 25kg
Nitrite salt iod. 0.9 25kg
Nitrite salt non-iod. 0.6 25kg


Tablet salt - pads 25kg
Tablet salt - round 25 kg
Tablet salt - round EUROCORP TRADE 25kg
Coarse salt for dishwashers 1-6 mm
Non-iodized salt 25 kg
Non-iodized salt 50 kg
Non-iodized technical salt big-bag


Feed salt loose 50 kg
Feed salt loose big-bag
Salt lick basic Solsel 10kg
Salt lick basic Biosaxon 10 kg
Salt lick basic Biosaxon 5 kg
Salt lick basic Lisal 10 kg
Salt lick mineral Multilisal 10 kg
Salt lick mineral Biosaxon 10 kg
Salt lick mineral with Cu Solsel 10 kg
Salt lick mineral without Cu Solsel 10 kg
Salt lick mineral extra Solsel 10 kg
Salt lick mineral Biosaxon 4 kg
Salt lump 25 kg
Salt lump 50 kg
Salt pieces, blocks
Calcium carbonate 30 kg
Sodium bicarbonate 25 kg
Monocalcium phosphate
Magnesium oxide 25 kg
Magnesium oxide 50 kg
Magnesium oxide big-bag

Road salt 25 kg
Road salt 50 kg
Road salt big-bag
Road salt bulk

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