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Animal fats and meals

Animal fats and meals

Eurocorp Trade is a reliable supplier of raw materials for feed production. We are mainly focused on animal meals and fats for pet food. These raw materials are used for the production of granules and treats for dogs and cats.

We offer a wide range of animal meals, which are mainly used for the production of food
and treats for cats and dogs.

- Poultry meal

- Low-ash poultry meal

- Goose meal
- Beef meal
- Duck meal

- Turkey meal
- Pork meal

- Animal meal

Feeding purposes:

- Poultry fat

- Beef fat

- Pork fat

Industrial purposes:
Production of biodiesel, oleochemistry
Production of cosmetics - https://www.organicprodukty.cz/
Production of lubricants for machinery

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