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Trading activity


We have more than 15 years of experience in oleochemistry.
We are a certified company.


Animal fats and meals

We offer a wide range of animal meals, which are mainly used for the production of dry food and treats for cats and dogs.


Collection of animal fats

Our company has long focused on working closely with companies that deal with slaughtering and meat production.


Salt and salt products

We offer a complete range of salt with use in the food, agriculture, industry and other sectors.


Agro commodities and feed

In recent years, we have been increasingly focused on developing cooperation with domestic farmers.


Road transport

Our company carries out its own road transport, which is primarily intended for securing its own business activities.


Eurocorp Trade s.r.o.

About the company

EUROCORP TRADE s.r.o. is a trading company belonging to the EUROCORP business production group. It was set up in 2014 by reorganization of the whole group but has been doing business since 1998 under the name EUROCORP s.r.o. The main areas of activity are animal meals and fats, salt and salt products, oleochemistry, agro commodities and feed, collection of animal fats and tallows. We operate on domestic and foreign markets across the EU.

1998 – Establishment of EUROCORP s.r.o.
2001 – Establishment of a subsidiary GLYCONA s.r.o.
2007 – Establishment of a subsidiary FVI s.r.o.
2008 – Establishment of a subsidiary EC – TECH a.s.
2010 – Sale of a subsidiary GLYCONA s.r.o.
2011 – Property entry into the company TANEX Vladislav, a.s.
2011 – Establishment of FRITEX s.r.o.
2013 – Property entry into the company MAT, spol. s r.o.
2014 – Reorganization of EUROCORP company and establishment of EUROCORP TRADE s.r.o.
2014 – Establishment of a subsidiary Pelety Bylnice s.r.o.
2015 – Establishment of a subsidiary N.C.Feed s.r.o
- Oleochemistry
- Salt and salt products
- Agro commodities and agricultural fertilizers
- Raw materials for feed production
- Collection and distribution of animal fats
- Road transport
- Machinery production
- Production of wood pellets
- Production of electrical energy from renewable sources
- Production of glue
- Production of animal fats
- Production of natural soaps
- Collection and purification of used kitchen oils and fats
- Production of animal meals