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We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of oleochemistry. We are certified as
part of the certification system (ISO 9001:2015, ISCC). Thanks to our stable and long-term
business relationships, we can offer you reliable and regular supplies of guaranteed quality
oil products. The goods is delivered through our own tanks or the transport is provided
through contractual carriers. We operate not only within the EU but also in other European

- Raw vegetable oil
- UCO (used kitchen oil)
- Fatty acids

- G-phase
- Glycerine
- Fatty acids
- Olein

Jan Hrnčiřík

jednatel společnosti
email: hrncirik@eurocorp.cz

Ing. Jiří Vajdík

obchodní manažer
tel: +420 775 959 646
email: vajdik@eurocorp.cz

Ivana Nováková

tel: +420 777 755 665
email: novakova@eurocorp.cz

Marek Matula

vedoucí dopravy
tel: +420 777 716 796
email: matula@eurocorp.cz